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No, it's not "acceptable", but that isn't what the mod said. She said she's not ALLOWED to take action on an undefined rule before the boundaries are established. Only the admin can define the rule finitely, and he is unfortunately absent.

If there is no solid definition, the mods are accused of abusing their power and being biased, so they aren't allowed to act unless there's a unanimous understanding of what is bannable and what is not. Harassment doesn't fall under that umbrella, and a mod has already told you this, so this thread is pointless.

If and when the admin returns/starts caring about Kupika again, the rule might be defined, but he is a very liberal person who dislikes impeding on others' free speech and only included that in the handbook after loads of people complained; I doubt he is capable of defining it in a way he is happy to enforce, and that's why it's still undefined.
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