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Default Re: Srsly kids, what's your problem?

Originally Posted by dragongelf
it is, however, quite amusing to see how in the "jock" and "prep" cliques its generally ok to be a complete and utterly shallow waste of everyones time... however, on the "emo" side i generally tend to find attention craving rich kids who seriously need to find something better to do than wallow in selfpity...

no im not even kidding... rich kids who have everything they want are wallowing in self pity... i have yet to find a reason for their selfpity...
I second this. Seriously. ;|

This is what makes me hate this little label so much. The self-pity, the selfishness, the blatant suicide threats (the ones that lie about it so they'll get comments, attention etc... it's disgusting). I can go on and on, but everyone's heard what I think of this before. The little fake ones that pretend to be depressed are the ones I can't stand. I just find it incredibly insulting that they can use something as serious as a mental disorder -- like depression -- and suicide as part of their little attention-grabbing schemes. It's disgusting, insensitive and it makes them look bad. Yeah, THOSE are the ones I don't get, and I never WILL get them, nor will I ever approve of their behavior. It's childish, and I hope with everything I've got that they'll grow out of that little phase.

You might say, "What about the REAL emos?" or something along those lines, but I don't believe in the whole "real or fake" emos or any of that -- it's all just labels to me. Unnecessary. Just another thing that society created, and like Sanyu said, society can DIAF. ?

Now, if you mean people that are actually depressed and not doing it for attention, that's a whole different story, and probably a whole different post. o.o The difference here is that they're called "DEPRESSED", not "emo". Emo =/= depressed. I hope people don't get the two mixed up. And if you mean people that wear eyeliner or tight pants, well, hey, that's just your style, I guess. I don't see how wearing certain things make you a certain person, but I guess people just aren't smart enough to figure that out yet... exactly my point. Labels are based on this idea -- wear this, act like this, and you'll be accepted and just like us! Confoooorrrm. *hypnotize* Er, anyway. Yes. XD Apparently if you wear a certain amount of black it makes you fall under a label. You should ignore their accusations, they're probably not all that bright anyway. And lots of people wear eyeliner -- the supposed "preps", "emo", "punks" etc... o.o And some people just wear it just to wear it, I suppose. Not everyone puts themselves under a label, and I hope those people realise that someday. XD;

If you just happen to like black clothes, then that's just you. You don't have to be "scene" to like these things. And I love pink and cute things, but I would never label myself as "prep", nor would I want anyone else to, but people will go ahead and do it anyway, because people are annoying like that. T_T

Originally Posted by Sanyu-?
That isn't the thing people find sexy. That's my explanation :P
I agree. :O

I actually think the reason people yell "omgHAWT lawl" whenever they see a "scene" or "emo" kid isn't because of their behavior, like you said. XD It's not because of their constant pity parties, but probably for the way they look, unfortunately. XD People usually just focus on looks. ;O I always hear them going on about this scene boy's pictures, his hair, the way he does his eyeliner, blah blah blah... just look around on Kupika, you'll see. XD! I don't think it has anything to do with the majority of their behavior, too. If anything, I find most of their behavior the most repulsive thing about them. o.o

However, this is just me. XD Feel free to ignore anything I said. As a cool guy that I admire once said, "It's just my opinion, likely to be as flawed as anyone else's."
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