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Default Re: Favorite movies~

Okay, before I start -- Claudia, your icon is WIN. =^_^= Seriously. ?

Alright, and on-topic, my favorite movies... hm. I'm kind picky when it comes to movies. o.o But there are a few I really REALLY love and watch more than once. n_n

- ? Sweeney Todd (of course)
- ? The Sixth Sense (I SEE DEAD PEOPLE LOL)
- ? Fox & the Hound (Disney movie)
- ? Oliver & Company (ditto)
- ? The Little Mermaid
- ? Shutter (Thai version most definitely)
- ? The Ring

Haha, three are Disney movies. :3 But yes. I love these movies. Mostly I love scary movies. =^_^= ? Even though they... scare me. I think people who liked Shutter -- the American version -- should watch the original Thai version with subtitles, it's 10000% better and scarier -- it's amazing. <333
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