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Default Volunteer to help Kupika

Hello Kupikans,

I am hina, the founder/creator of Kupika. You can read more about Kupika here (that page has not changed since the beginning of Kupika). As some of you may already know, I am the only person in charge of Kupika. But lately, I have so much going on in my life, and I am afraid I cannot devote my whole time to Kupika as I used to be in the early days.

If you read the About page, you will notice something about "loose regulation". This is because I want Kupika to be a place where you can speak your mind freely. As a member, I don't want to be banned just because I pissed someone off. I want to be free. But I also realize there must be a limit. For example, child pornography is not allowed (obviously!). Things like that.

So now I am asking for your help. I am looking for some people to help keep Kupika clean from the following...
1) illegal content (child pornography, bestiality, scams/frauds)
2) porn
3) personal information (home address, phone number, photo, etc.); when asked to remove by the person

... and nothing else. I mean, if you decide to help, your job is to keep Kupika clean from those and ONLY those.

It is a boring job. But still, it needs to be done, and I cannot do it alone. Who wants to help? Please post here or PM me with your username.

Thank you for reading and making Kupika better!

P.S. Regarding cybering: technically, cybering is not porn, but... I don't know, still have not decided about it.
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