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Cool how crazy can days be?

ever had one of those days where things are like completely out of whack? i bet we all do. online, well not so much. everything is virtual. in reality, well a lot to explain. i'm not really into telling much stories but yeah. i almost tried to jump out of the bus just to get a 5 dollar bill off the ground but a lady got it first because i didn't really want to get out of the bus. should i have gotten that 5? well i didn't think it was worth it. if it was a 20 then yeah i would get out of the bus and get it. (i was coming back from a field trip with my class) so that threw me off. i know for a fact that i may not make any sense at this time but i was bored and i just needed something to do. i think that the most craziest part of the day was that i kept seeing a bunch of random people with rainbow like hair O.o some of the people's hair was like dyed one color on one side and their undyed natural hair color on the other. i thought i was going crazy but it appears that i wasn't the only person in my class that saw the crazy hair situation. i kinda hope i don't have a crazy day like this in years to come. this day was just as weird as the day when i saw a box grow legs and walk away.
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