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Jr. Kupi
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Question When will females stand up for their self and stop friending sex predators online?

As a male age late 40's, I'm disturbed at the sexual harassment that goes on the
Internet and sex predators continue to harass females of all ages on the Internet..
I do believe females need to learn to stand up to these guys and open up decoy
accounts and entrap these guys cause these males are dangerous and shouldn't
be online but locked up..Yes, I do have skeletons in my closet I'm far from being a
Saint but females are the most precious human being Gods created..I often ask
myself how can a male have teenage daughters and small children under the age
13 and come online to want meet up with teenage females online or just look to
meet up for sexual encounters when are girls/ women going to start setting up
these sex predators and bring them to justice? Why do females continue to send
guys sexual pictures when they know it's a high risk behavior and could ruin their
life forever on the Internet my heart goes out to these girls cause they lack real love
in their life's and most of them come from broken up homes and I think some of
these girls think sending sexual pictures to guys will make him love her this is not the
case, these men are not looking for love, they are sex predators just looking to get sex
off of you or to get your pictures so they can masturbate to them ? I'm considering setting
up several sting operations on the Internet and after i get the information on these sex
predators than i will hand it over in print outs and bring these sick males to justice and
put a end to the sex predators on the Internet..Now lets also make note there could be
females who are behind them accounts so not all sex predators are males i believe females
can be sex predators just as much as the males lets hope someday sexual predatory can be
brought to end for good.
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Old 01-24-2016   #2
noodlespirit's Avatar
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Mostly because they don't know any better or they don't care (in response to your asking why females send sexual photos to men).
It's easy to get what you want when you hide behind a screen. I wish females would get a damn backbone and learn to stand up for themselves tbh. It's not that hard to say no and to demand respect, and it's very empowering when you learn how easy it is and you actually do it.
Nickolai Alaric
This TwoKinds Fan Will Miss You
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Old 09-26-2016   #3
Jr. Kupi
Join Date: Jun 2011
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Ah yes 40 year man, deeply caring about 13 year old girls
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