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Originally Posted by noodlespirit View Post
I hope I don't have a bug!
Although I wonder if it's just my computer...

Cuz, see, the walls don't show up the right color...
In play mode, they blink different shades of red.
Basically, even if you change the color of them, they're still red.

Not to mention it lags a bit.
If the other lots in the neighbourhood work ok, it's probably the house that has the error and you should move the Sims out.

Do the other lots work?

I've experienced the flashing red only with one item I downloaded. It may be a graphics card issue. It definitely sounds like your computer might not be able to handle the game, especially if there is excessive lag (I think most players experience lag at some points, such as when there are many Sims on the lot.)

I found this which might help to solve your problem.
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Yes, the other lots work.

But the lag isn't too excessive. It's just a little slow sometimes when I'm changing direction of the view. However, I experience extreme lag whenever I try to get a sim to go anywhere. And cars are a big pain. Pizza, work, school...you name it, you've got a lag.
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