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Old 06-02-2008   #41
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Default Re: What We Going to Do?

Wow, prom, I doubt the asker will understand that technical explanation

Basically www.kupika.com will *always* redirect to kupika.com

If it doesn't, try using a different browser, or scan your computer for adware/spyware.
(search google: spybot search&destroy)

Anyway, this thread is not about kupika redirection, really...
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Default Re: What We Going to Do?

I did a browsemember page search (on the first 22 pages) using ctrl + f on every page. ;;
I did find one account:

And he hasn't posted pr0n, so I guess we just have to wait until he does something 'bannable'? o_e
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Jr. Kupi
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Default Re: What We Going to Do?

im not for witchhunting and the "ignore the bogeyman" advice is the ultimate solution.

but the squelch idea from prom is a good one and short of giving mods power to delete accts.

i think the objection about making new accts isn't a strong one because ALL new accts are listed in the user directory as they are created! (which is genius)

that means that all mods have to do or any "volunteer" is simply peek at the browsemembers.php page and click on the latest accts. if one is obviously siberion it can be alerted in a club like kupibeta or the grapevine and everyone else can watch it...if its obviously a violation of kupika's general rules then it can be squelched immediately. it really wouldnt be that burdensome or time consuming.

the bottom line is that Hina doesn't have time nor would any of us want him spending all of his time trying to police his website. but unless he is willing to deputize a few helpers and give them at least some limited power it is always going to be an impossible task for one person.

sweeping aside all potential serious legal consequences for Hina about any unlawful or illegal material being posted on Kupika (and though there are a lot of applicable laws that afford him some protection there is still some exposure).....

just from a business side and from the side of wanting to make Kupika an attractive place for person's of all ages, there are several reasons why Hina should consider whether its finally time to bring a little law to the "Wild West." (or is it "wild East" :-p )

A "community approach" is the only real solution to these problems. Establishing a clear set of guidelines/rules, having all of Kupika be able to act as a Neighborhood Watch, to report anything to a "pool" (perhaps a "Club") where all such reports are automatically posted, then having the "deputies" (mods) with their power to "make arrests" (squelch, edit the profile/pages, etc) and then finally an appeal or review of claims of abuse by the mods. (this is not really anything too different than what you see on most other social networking sites).

or continue the Wild West and live with these problems. yes they aren't actually that major and yes if people would just ignore them/blacklist them it would be less of a problem in some respects

but when these guys are allowed to post in the personal ad section or fleeting thoughts or make a banner ad then its hard to ignore them (for most people)


I have pondered over various "automatic ways" to do this (e.g. getting a certain amount of thumbs downs will cost the user the privilege of making a personal ad, or posting in FT) but all seem flawed and circumventable. the only way is if a person/moderator can use some judgment and do it.


on a side note: the whole article that siberion posted that was about this business of the illegal sex industry involving underage girls and boys which occurs not just in Indonesia but has also been a big problem in several countries of that region.

well obviously as everyone pointed out its just stupidity to impute the bad acts of fellow countrymen to Hina, just stupidity

but what I didnt see anyone mention and which Siberion obviously doesn't get is that its a known fact that the VAST MAJORITY of clients who use such services are "sex tourists" from the West (Europe and America)! Oh and by the way, just the other day a guy was convicted here in California (i think itwas here) for engaging in this activity abroad under a relatively new U.S. law which makes it illegal here to engage in such acts in foreign countries EVEN IF, the conduct is NOT illegal in that country where the act is commited. (Frankly, i find the law morally questionable because consider if Singapore enacted such a law and for sake of argument had a law which made homosexuality illegal and then prosecuted two gay Singapore men for engaging in homosexuality while on vacation to the U.S....but I digress)

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Default Re: What We Going to Do?

There is also the problem that 16 is legal in Europe, but not in the US.

If a 16 year old can get in a 2 ton moving metal object and be state licensed to operate that motor vehicle, I fail to see how sex is so much more dangerous.

Application and enforcement of the law is inconsistent in the US, which is why the law and those who work within it receive no respect.

Not mod ban, mod squelch.
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