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Default QFT

because xExotic is being fucking rude by deleting everything.

Originally Posted by cheeky_angel004
Wow, all posts made by Sanyu and Lyncheh (and 1 of mine) got deleted!! Woot woot!!1!eleven!1!!

That's why I was against the self-moderating option proposed by Hina. T_T
Originally Posted by Sanyu-?
Rude much?
Originally Posted by xExotic
How ? >___>
Originally Posted by Sanyu-?
It's a contextual thing. I'm just on a lot of communities (on Livejournal) that hold deletion of [comments] very lowly. It's usually seen as disrespectful and extremely rude. The people who think this are natural bitches and give all their opinions bluntly, so don't tell me it's because I was rude.
Originally Posted by xExotic
I deleted the comments because I don't want all your excuses and your fake innocense on my thread.
Originally Posted by Sanyu-?
Fake innocence? It was a blunt comment. That isn't innocent or guilty because YOU asked a question and made a suggestion, prompting members to give their opinion. If you don't like the possibility of someone's opinion being strongly opposed, don't make the suggestion.
Stop being lame and swallow the lumps that come with suggestions. That is all.
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