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Default Knet problem?

Recently I'm having a problem in Knet where new posts don't show. At all.

I mean, it would show in the front page that Lyncheh posted some 10 hours ago and it's new but when I click the thread, it doesn't show their posts. At first I thought it was because Lyncheh deleted her post but after it happened with Starry and Noodle, I thought that something fishy was happening.

Then, I tried posting on the thread asking about said problem and Knet gave me an error which said something like "we can't process your request, please refresh the page".

The problem got fixed yesterday for me but will sometimes occur on a few new threads. Is anyone else having a similar problem? Or knows what's the cause?
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I have that problem sometimes too, just change the page number to a later one, 8 to 9 or whatever, and it'll show the new post on page 8. Weird.
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I've been having that for ages! :3 ... well, since sometime last week, it's really annoying & now I can't be bothered to read that many posts *is lazy*.

I tend to just press F5 & it'll work fine after that, but still, annoying. x_x

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