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Baby Kupi
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Default Im wondering why

I am wondering why that it will not let me come in here under my one age. I mean, i know the "dangers of the internet", but if i can kupika.com (which, btw, is just as bad as Kupika.net), why do i have to change the age for .net?
Just as bad as all the other sites...
photobucket...youtube...i think freakin neopets, even...
you have to go by the age it wants. If they do not accept your age, then why is it in there? why do they not delete the unnacceptable ages?
Hello world. I made to journey from .com to .net to see what this other place was about. Please welcome SinfulKagemusha from Kupika.com to your humble community! Join meh roleplay clubs too, please ESPECIALLY MY POKEMON CLUB.
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Kupika Addict
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What are you talking about? There is no selection of ages, you have to literally type it in. It's there to stop children registering for a service that isn't suitable for them.
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Baby Kupi
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If you don't like it, don't go on it.
Some moments we can't capture with photographs, instead we capture them by using our hearts.
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