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Old 10-15-2015   #1
Jr. Kupi
Join Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 50
Default Should Phantom have his is Old Kupika Account (Oroborus21)back ?

Dear Kupika members you may want take a look at this info
before we decide if Mr. Leaton deserves to have his old Kupika
account back ..This man seems to like younger females so why
don't he consider finding love with a female whose age 18 or older
why pick on a underage female?



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My opinion he shouldn't have his old Kupika account back if you read what that Detective has just posted over a year ago but not my decision .
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Baby Kupi
Join Date: Aug 2015
Posts: 7
Default Yes i should

The diary entry you refer to has a gross false fabrication in that I was never charged with nor guilty of child porn. the only thing I was guilty of was arranging to meet with my 17 year old friend, who was actually a police officer pretending to be her who talked to me as her for months and months. Yes, I intended to have sex with a 17 year old, a crime in California but not a crime in 37 of our states including the girl's homestate of Georgia.

None of this has any bearing on whether I should have my account reinstated. The "quality" of the person has no bearing on whether they should be on kupika or get their account banned or unbanned. only the strict application of the rules as spelled out in the Kupika Handbook should guide such a decision.

In my case, my original account was banned in contravention of the clear procedure that Hina laid out for the moderators to follow when they get a report of misuse of personal info. I was never directed to remove the supposed offending person's photo from my collage nor afforded the opportunity prior to banning of my account and that is in contravention of the Kupika Handbook.

It is a complete injustice to say I violated a rule of the Kupika Handbook but then not follow the same rules and procedures of the Handbook in how to handle such matters.

If the moderator or moderators or whoever has the power to make this decision looks at the facts and applies the Kupika Handbook rules correctly and with in an ethical manner then they really have no choice but to grant the appeal and unban the account.

If they wish to flaunt the rules and procedures, and allow personal feeling to guide their decision then they are unworthy of the title of moderator and show that they are not committed to ethical behavior.
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Old 12-09-2015   #3
noodlespirit's Avatar
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Location: Aboard the SR-2 Normandy
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MasterMind, it is not up to you to decide whether or no he's allowed to have any accounts back or to even be on Kupika. It's fine to be concerned, but you're taking this too far. You're not law enforcement and you are not a moderator. Let the mod(s) do their job.
Nickolai Alaric
This TwoKinds Fan Will Miss You
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Jr. Kupi
Join Date: Jun 2011
Location: A Place
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Yes noodle is a jerkwod and I vote for his exile
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kupika account, phantom

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