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Old 08-11-2012   #21
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I believe in ghosts, and unicorns, and karma, and reincarnation, and wicca, and love at first site, and unconditional love, and happiness, and karma, and myself, and that doctors can't be trusted because they stick me with needles. I can't think of anything else right now.
It was cute until I got to the doctors comment. x__x I agree with it all until then, simply because doctors are great! Needles suck & bla bla bla :| but how else are you supposed to get better? Plus I'm pretty sure doctors don't really get a thrill over poking us with needles n__n or at least I hope not... haha!

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Old 08-11-2012   #22
Kupika Addict
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I believe in magic in a young girl's heart, how the music can free her whenever it starts~
Forever wondering how the hell she amassed 4000 posts
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Old 08-14-2012   #23
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I just about busted a gut at that one, Sanyu.
Not a helper anymore.

I apologize to all the people I insulted or annoyed as a strange youth.
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Old 11-23-2012   #24
Baby Kupi
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I am an Athiest. I believe that "God" was created as a way to explain how the Earth was made and as a way to prevent children and Christians from misbehaving. Because I mean c'mon, really? A holy man coming down from the sky, holding two stone tablets with rules on them. That sounds ridiculous to me.
"Any Intelligent Fool Can Make Things Bigger And More Complex. It Takes A Touch Of Genius, And A LOT Of Courage To Move In The Opposite Direction."
-Albert Eistein
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