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Originally Posted by crbentley
Band is pretty fun.
That's nice, I'm glad you like it.

Favourite part of school? Erm, in school school probably were my textiles lessons which would be way too long to explain why. In short though, good friends + teachers made it awesome. In college would probably be the numerous random conversations with teachers about ANY thing, haha. Though now I'm at university (other side of the country from home, wahh) and now it's the social life, if you wanted to you could probably go out every night of the week - though Saturday/Wednesday are expensive. x_x

I really don't miss school because all I remember are friends leaving me and just things like that... though thanks to my friends suddenly falling out with me over night (don't worry, I made new ones haha) I did discover Kupika so there's one thing. I kinda miss college if only for the people - like I said, I'm the other side of the country from home (3 hours on a train home + 10 hours to visit one of my best friends...).

MEH. I'm rambling, probably because I've been putting this essay off for over a month and it's in tomorrow. Damn. I should shut up.

(ps. someone's ringing my doorbell, it's 11pm in the student village ... it's gonna be someone drunk from predrinking and they won't go away/stop ringing it. HALPS.)

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