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Baby Kupi
Join Date: Apr 2012
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Default How often do you use chatting websites?

how often do you use chatting websites other than facebook,

chatting sources to talk to anonymous humans from around the world,

If you use them pretty often , which ones are your favorite ?

and how many of them do not require registration?

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A good no registration chatting site i found out was, this one www.DirectChat.webs.com

the interface is pretty nice and lots of friendly users online,
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Kupika Addict
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Location: Perth, Australia
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I don't always go on Omegle, but when I do, I'm probably with a drunk person.
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Typing Test Champion
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Join Date: Jul 2009
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I use my phone for mainly communication. I've quit Facebook about a year ago because I got fed up and I really just use Reddit, Kupika and deviantART for communication. Nothing else really.
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Jr. Kupi
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I use Omegle sometimes. I use DeviantART and Kupika for chatting. Besides Facebook, there is nothing else.
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Jr. Kupi
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Tinychat and Omegle for trolling.
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Location: United Kingdom
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I mainly just use my phone for communication, if I don't have your number then, no offence, but why would I want to talk to you? I've got 200+ numbers from friends, family, random people, press offices etc. sooooo I've kinda got enough in my life at the moment. (Hence why I barely come on here these days...) I also use Facebook, mainly because it's free and it's nice to see how people are getting on with their jobs/universities, OH and Twitter because... I dunno, I just generally tweet rubbish or just talk to my friends...

Chatroulette is also good whilst drunk, what can I say?

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