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Old 03-15-2009   #51
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Default Re: Srsly kids, what's your problem?

I think discrimination against Emos?
Nickolai Alaric
This TwoKinds Fan Will Miss You
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Baby Kupi
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excuse my language:

fuck the titles.according to the stereotypes im an emo nerd.so sure ive cut.sure i smart as hell but what gives any one but my creator the right to judge me.whose to tell anyone else what normal is.whose to say whose in and whose out.whose to say they're better than anyone else.whose to tell me what i am b/c of what i do.whose to look at me and criticize.whose to look at me and try to knock me down b/c of how they see me.whose to tell me based on how i feel or what im going thru-what i am.whose to define "normal"-if normal is like anyone else then i dont want to b normal...whatever normal is.its really disgusting what one human being does to another based on a simple judgement but i guess thats how this world goes round.
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Old 04-04-2011   #53
Jr. Kupi
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I can definitely see a bit of both worlds, and I'm no angel, so I'm not even going to pick a side and pretend to support it. All I can really say is that society and people suck. DIAF please, society.
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