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Baby Kupi
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Default A gallery a-LOFT in the clouds.

Because I don't feel like spamming up my picstream so much on my profile page, I'll just post WIPs and sketches with no real value in here. I'm open for commissions with KupiPoint. 3 KP, but if you're feeling generous you could tip me. winkwinknudgenudgesaynomore

On to the art! Digital art was most likely done in Photoshop CS3 Extended.

click. he's big.
If you can name him, I think we'll get along just fine.
It's just a teeny bit of my new wallpaper I'm doing. He'll be shrunk to half his current size so the linework doesn't look so iffy.

His name's Mycroft K. Abberley. Tree armadillo, self-proclaimed tea connoisseur, and Victorian-dressing gentleman. c:

This has got to be older than a year. But I still love it. xD
Her name's Bo'iai. bo-EYE. Got it? Good.

I'll try to update with posts every week, or sooner if I'm going through an artistic period.
... and my oekaki commissions are open. hah.
If it's not too much of a bother, I'll post oekakis that have been commissioned up here as well. Just say no if you don't want them here. :]
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Kupika Addict
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Hi there, Lofty! I'm your newest fan! =D

But wow. I love the wackiness of the 2nd one. Reminds me of Quentin Blake's work in the Roald Dahl books. ^__^
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Bo'iai is my favorite. ^w^
She is so cute!!!
Nickolai Alaric
This TwoKinds Fan Will Miss You
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Baby Kupi
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omg, soo Cute
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