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Default Drawings?!

I have no idea if I have posted any of these ever before, but whatever. :| I was just looking through my photobucket (where my new sig. came from, I screenshot it ages ago) for the first time in ages! and I discovered some old art I did by hand ages ago in class. That class being English not Art, I didn't take Art, I can't draw but whatever.

These were taken on a camera which is why the quality is sooo bad & no I'm not sure why I wrote 'pompomskyline' either, I think it may have been my bebo username at the time or something, I don't even use bebo anymore so god knows, it may still be that. I'm not sure why anyone would want to steal these though. ;D

/the end.

Actually, I have a few presents for you, well, one. As well as finding the random anon post which I am now using as my sig. (probably not for long though) I also found this one, enjoy & don't say I never give you anything. I'm again not sure if I have already posted it.


We got bored, what can I say? ;D



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Jr. Kupi
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That's warped and wrong.
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Baby Kupi
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That anon post... No effing wonder it was in anon and not post. I'm absolutely horrified by that. I'm sick to the back teeth that somebody would do/think of that!
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Jr. Kupi
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Your first drawing kind of reminds me of Neopets fearies. Very nice and nostalgic~! Oh, and neat Pokemon drawing! ^_^

Haha, you drew in English class? Do you still draw? You should, you're pretty good. @w@
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Jr. Kupi
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