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Default Curious

I can't be bothered to explain how it happened, or why I'm writing it exactly. So in simple terms, I got set some homework in English Language and I quite liked it so I'm planning to carry it on into a novel/short story/whatever...

You can find it here and I'd like it if you could read maybe the first part that I've included and tell me what you think? Mainly what I need to improve because I'm fully aware I'm not that good a writer. >_>

ps. I'm planning on adding more to it each day, & no that isn't the first chapter there. It's the start of the first chapter hence 01., and the next will be 01. cont. or something. n_n

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If I hadn't have posted this thread then I'd still be on 666 posts, ohhhhhh. x_x

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666 rupees ftw.
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