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Default Art = Yes Please

It's quite a long story but my friend and I are working on this small project. For it we need your art. It really can be anything. Drawings, paintings, photography, writing, design pieces etc. ANYTHING, we want it. n_n We'd also like your short films or music if you have them, by short we mean under 5mins? I think that's fair.

You can either post them here, or email them to hollywoodkills@hotmail.co.uk with ART at the subject. n_n It's really up to you, although when you send them to us please include:
* your name (doesn't have to a full name or even your real name)
* an url for yourself, we'd prefer if it was a flickr/blog/deviantart as opposed to a Kupika, but we don't really care all too much

When we use the images in our project we will include your name and url and will provide a link here.

There are no rules as to what the art can be, anything you like. Just make sure it's all your own work.

(Probably no one will go for this, but oh well).

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I'm a shit artist :P but oh well.

http://duriretlan.deviantart.com/gallery/ knock yourself out? lol
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